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B2B interregional matchmaking event with companies from European regions: Baden Württemberg (Germany), Lombardy (Italy), Rhône-Alpes (France),   Catalonia (Spain) and Flanders (Belgium)

Congress Center Master, Novi Sad, Halls 5&6, Entrance 5

July 2nd 2013. 


Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP and Enterprise Europe Network (University of Novi Sad office), cordially invite companies from Vojvodina, companies from the neighboring regions of Csongrád, Baranya and Bács-Kiskun in Hungary; Timiş and Caraș-Severin in Romania; Osijek-Baranja county and Vukovar-Syrmia County in Croatia, as well as companies from the 4 Motors for Europe regions and from Flanders, Belgium, to participate in the interregional matchmaking event in Novi Sad.
Highly industrialized, technologically advanced and innovative European regions - Baden Württemberg (Germany), Catalonia (Spain), Rhône-Alpes (France) and Lombardy (Italy), are part of the Interregional European Cooperation called „4 Motors for Europe“. Flanders (Belgium) as an associated partner is member of the Economic group. The five regions are cooperating in a long term relationship, with a purpose to increase the internationalization of the regions and their economic growth through mutual cooperation, but also through initializing cooperation with other regions, by organizing joint political-economic missions. More information about the regions and their partnership can be found at the website:
Under the presidency of Baden Wurttemberg, this year the joint mission of 4 European regions and Flanders, Belgium, will be organized in Novi Sad as “Mission of the Four Motors within the Framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region” and will include political, scientific and business events.
B2B interregional matchmaking event will provide a platform for companies from Vojvodina and the adjacent regions of the neighbouring countries for establishing business contacts with companies from five European regions.
Companies should be active in the following sectors: Agribusiness (Food Processing) and Agricultural Mechanization, Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Technologies (with a focus on biomass), as well as ICT.
We are inviting companies from Vojvodina and companies from above named neighboring regions in Croatia, Hungary and Romania, as well as companies from five European regions, to participate at the B2B interregional matchmaking event in Novi Sad, on July 2nd 2013, Congress Centre Master.
Participation on the B2B matchmaking event is free of charge.
Registration deadline: June 20, 2013
Meeting request deadline: June 24, 2013



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